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Before you start trading

Thinking of setting up a business on Enfield Market?



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Some things to consider before you start

Markets can be a quick way to start your own business, work flexible hours and become your own boss. Many of our high street institutions such as Monsoon, Body Shop and Marks and Spencers started out on a market stall so you would be in good company.

There is also the vibrancy of a market as a creative, adaptive retail space that might appeal to you. There are very few other options for starting a business in a town centre location that are as cheap to start as a market stall, and whether your ambition is to be a market trader for years, to someday own your own shop or restaurant, or to establish a customer base online, it is always a good idea to start this at a local market. You will get feedback on your products and you will also soon learn if you have what all great sales people need…the gift of the gab.

Here are a few hints and tips we have put together to help you get to a point where you could apply for a stall on Enfield Market – we hope to hear from you soon:

  • Do your research Have a chat with our traders down on Enfield Market or visit other markets in your local area to decide whether the goods you intend to sell fill a gap in the market.
  • Speak to our Market Management Team, call 020 8367 8941
  • Research the fees – the fees you pay will depend on what your business will need, so do check out all the facility options (eg. storage, cold storage, electricity, overnight security), and budget yourself accordingly as the pitch fee may not be the only payment you need to make.
  • Food traders – if you want to start up a food business please be aware that we have a waiting list of food traders wanting to sell with us but to get started you will need to register with the Environmental Health Department of Enfield Council and get a Food Hygiene Certificate. It is free to register with the council and the certificate can be gained online or at a local college.
  • Get insurance – you will need insurance for your stall. We have a number of insurers we can recommend that you will find at the bottom of this page under Resources. You will also need to think about whether you need to employ someone to help. If so you’ll need employers’ liability insurance too.
  • Find a mentor – someone with retail experience who can give you advice on pricing, marketing, networking and filling in your tax return. Enterprise Enfield run fantastic programmes to help small businesses get started.
  • Online promotion – once you know what you want to do and how you are going to do it, consider setting up your own website to promote it or use social media to tell people about your products.
  • And finally… you may want to invest in some warm clothing – market trading is not for the faint hearted and here at Enfield Market we are quite strict with fair weather traders – once you commit we will expect to see you on the days you say you are coming.

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